Fireflies Light Up with Jedi Battle

Star Wars Week continues at the Water Cooler, with an example of a theme-friendly contest and good triumphing over evil in Columbia.

A fun reminder on the incredibly effective way to power up your Star Wars Night with a simple contest race starring a kid.

If Rule #1 in Game Ops is “everyone cheers for a kid”, then  Rule #2 might be “everyone cheers against a Stormtrooper”.

Combine the rules and you have a big winner, like this contest in Columbia.

For their Star Wars Night they added this playful contest battle with a young Jedi and two hapless Stormtroopers.  Such a great reminder that contests don’t need to be competitive to success.  Here the youngster is just living his best life, feeling the force and cutting down Stormtroopers on his way to big applause.

It also hit all the right buttons;

  • Connecting to the theme night
  • Great use of costumed characters
  • Simple and clear contest (Also see: Keep It Simple Stupid!)
  • Everyone loves to watch a cute kid kicking ass

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PULSE: Star Wars Night

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