When Copyright Clearance Gets Out of Hand

Nothing could stop this LA dance team from feeling the beat.

“They don’t need AUDIO!”

LOVE this flash of confidence and precision from the Clippers Spirit Dancers.  Audio went out but that didn’t step them from crushing their steps.

Yesterday we talked about planning for things to go wrong and backing up whatever you can, because things will go wrong at live events.  Like this:

While in the moment the sound operator can’t fix it, the dancers showed they are prepared to showcase their best work.

And with all the focus on licensed music, this dance is now an evergreen post of excellence from the Clippers.

And this wasn’t the first time, do you remember this from the Sacrament Kings Dancers? (the video has been taken down, but they also earned a huge ovation for finishing the number in silence.)

These Royal Dancers Don’t Need Music


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