Chucking Pucks Yields a CAR in Fort Wayne!

Chucking Pucks leads to a automobile winner in Fort Wayne.

Few teams produce a better Chuck-a-Puck than our friends at the Fort Wayne Komets.  They sell more pucks, yield bigger sponsors, involve more groups ….. and they give away a CAR!

Check this out from the Komets and Best Deal Auto, the result of a this year’s Chuck-a-Puck.  Great promotion that certainly will have fans talking in Fort Wayne.

This from Komet’s Executive VP Scott Sproat: “This is the third straight season that Best Deal Auto Sales has partnered with Komets to allow fans to win a high-quality late-model vehicle through our Chuck-A-Puck contests.  It’s important to us to continue to provide a “grand prize” through Chuck-A-Puck that is as much about providing a big-league feel to the contest as it is to incentivizing fans to participate.  The entertainment level of the contest directly relates to the nature of the prize.  Chuck-A-Puck continues to be a staple of our intermission contests much more because of the big-time feel of the contest rather than because it’s a “hockey staple”.  Chuck-A-Puck by itself would not be enough to keep fans engaged in today’s entertainment culture.”

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