Free Chicken on Boban

The Fowl Shot shines when the lovable Boban sacrifices a point or two to feed the masses in LA.

Boban Marjanović is beloved not only for his impressive basketball talents but also for his genuine personality, humor, and cultural impact, making him a beloved figure in the world of sports and entertainment.

Boban is beloved for several reasons:

  1. Extraordinary Height: Boban is exceptionally tall, standing at 7 feet 4 inches (2.24 meters). His towering height makes him stand out on the basketball court and has earned him the affectionate nickname “Boban the Giant.”
  2. Endearing Personality: Boban is known for his warm and friendly personality, both on and off the court. He often interacts with fans, teammates, and opponents with a genuine kindness and humility that endears him to many.
  3. Humor and Quirkiness: Boban’s playful sense of humor and quirky antics have made him a fan favorite. He’s known for his entertaining social media presence, where he shares lighthearted moments with his followers.
  4. Cultural Impact: Boban’s popularity extends beyond basketball, with appearances in movies and television shows adding to his charm and appeal. His larger-than-life persona and unique background have made him a cultural icon in Serbia and beyond.

Here is yet another addition to his iconic resume of memorable moments, this one on the back of the popular Chick Fil A Fowl Shot Promotion in Los Angeles.


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