Hockey is for Everyone

Blue Jackets showcase Hockey is for Everyone with powerful Anthem Signer Story.

The Blue Jackets featured an incredible ASL signer for a recent game, with an unparalleled backstory. At their Hockey is for Everyone Night the Jackets honored Scott who has s lifetime of overcoming adversity and excelling in the moment.

Scott Humes has been a prime example of the impact hockey can have on all, and that was celebrated last night when he was asked to perform the national anthem in sign language at the Blue Jackets game.

Scott Humes is a hearing impaired Gold Medal athlete from the 2019 Winter Deaflympics. He also has undergone a kidney transplant and a battle with lymphoma as a 20-year old.

“Unfortunately, I’ve had a few roadblocks in my life, but that makes me who I am. I couldn’t be more proud of that,” he said. “(The cancer battle) was pretty ugly, but it made me who I am. I couldn’t be happier about it because I wouldn’t have learned some things if it wasn’t for that.” 

During the pandemic some of the elements we brush over are getting a second look. As we slow down it allows teams to stop, reflect and share stories like Scott Humes. The team posted his inspirational story online following his anthem performance.  (read it here)

It’s a reminder how blending your in-game operations, CR and social media can yield some incredible results and inspire your fans.

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