This hilarious new team building game brings out the FUNNY in everyone! Four player action galore in a hilarious group game that will bring the crowd to their feet.

This hilarious new team building game brings out the FUNNY in everyone!

Four player action galore in a hilarious group game that will bring the crowd to their feet. The same type of fast paced excitement as the sumo wrestling game that started the interactive craze 15 years ago!

The game is played with two teams of two players on each team. Players each wear over-sized foam filled hamburger bun suits. One player wears the bottom bun and the other player wears the top bun with sesame seeds on top of it.

The object of the game is to see which team can build their burger the fastest! One player runs down to the plate (a foam filled mat), jumps on the ground and picks up the hamburger patty, then stands back up again while holding the hamburger patty and runs around to the starting line as the second player runs down to the plate, jumps on the ground and picks up the piece of cheese and so on. With multiple pieces (cheese, burger, tomato, lettuce) you can even adjust how long the contest will take. The completed burger consists of two buns, hamburger meat patty, cheese, bacon, lettuce, pickle and tomato.

To be the winner, the bottom bun must fall down on the plate and onto their back in the correct position. The top bun must fall on top of the bottom bun to “sandwich” the hamburger together!

A great contest for any hamburger restaurant, or fast food provider.

The Build-a-Burger Costumes have been added to the Store and are available now from

Watch the video of Build-a-Burger in action below.

Recently we were asked to make smaller version of this, removing the costume buns so the contest is easier to play and less expensive. More like this version from the Wilmington Blue Rocks.

Build a Burger

Ask and you shall receive.

Now available at The Store on, Build-a-Burger STACKER versionSee the Store for pricing and details.

Our new Build-A-Burger Interactive STACKER version is an interactive race to see which team mates can build their burger the fastest. Comes with TWO full burgers for a race with two teams (Each burger has 2 buns, tomato, lettuce, cheese and patty).

This promotional kit comes with everything you need for a wild interactive game or on-court promotional contest.

Multiple pieces allow you to customize your game for your needs. Use fewer pieces (like just the meat and cheese) for a short contest….or use it all for a longer break.


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