Hockey Night in Buffalo

It’s Hockey Night at the Ballpark.

We talked about the Durham Bulls Hockey Night this month featuring the Bunch of Jerks from the Hurricanes.  The Buffalo Bisons are getting ready for a night on the figurative ice too with their local team the Sabres as the focus for this fun night.


Lace ’em up and get to Sahlen Field on August 16 as the Bisons host their first ever ‘Hockey Night at the Ballpark,’ in collaboration with the Buffalo Sabres. As the Herd hosts the Durham Bulls the team will wear special Blue & Gold Hockey-style Jerseys and Caps for the first time in franchise history.

The ‘Hockey Night at the Ballpark’ promotion will also feature visits from Sabretooth and Sabres alumni, special in-game hockey contests and trivia and much more. All ‘Hockey Night’ jerseys worn by the Bisons players will be autographed and auctioned/raffled, with proceeds to benefit the Buffalo Bisons Charitable Foundation and the Buffalo Sabres Foundation.

As a Honda fridaynightbash!, the game will also include postgame Fireworks and the pregame Resurgence Brewing Happy Hour.

Hockey Night Jersey Design
The Bisons’ royal blue ‘Hockey Night Jersey’ features three gold stripes across the bottom and on the sleeves, much like the Sabres jerseys from the 1970s and 1980s. Below the gold neckline are three sweater laces printed underneath in the style of a vintage ‘hockey sweater.’ The Bisons’ classic ‘standing buffalo’ crest logo is centered on the chest of the jersey, but also in the Sabres’ blue and gold color scheme.

The numbers printed on the back are gold and all player jerseys will have ‘Buffalo’ as their nameplate. The matching New Era on-field cap is royal blue with a gold brim, once again featuring the blue and gold standing Buffalo baseball logo.

and, Hockey Night Caps
You won’t be hiding these sweet lids on the top shelf with the cookies…The Bisons New Era ‘Hockey Night’ Caps are on sale at the game.

You can hear more about the Bison’s 2019 Promo Schedule from our Interview with Buffalo Bisons’ Pat Malacaro in the February 2019 Podcast.

Thanks Buffalo Bisons.

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