Bucks In-Game Entertainment is Sizzling

The Bucks share their success with a sizzle reel that will draw fans to the game.

If a top team in your conference with two Hall-of-Fame/All-Stars on your rosters isn’t enough to draw fans in Milwaukee to a Bucks game, the team is insuring you know the high-level of entertain they offer as well.

Check this excellence montage of in-game action, featuring the Rim Rockers, Bango, contests, kids’ dance teams and more.

It is a simple post and a powerful example of the Share Your Success mentality:  The BEST way to tell fans your NEXT promotion is worth their attention is to SHOW them your LAST promotion was great.

The Bucks are routinely mentioned in the very top tier of game entertainment (see the Best of and Nominations).  We also visited to see their high-impact show for a game review.

High Five – Milwaukee Bucks

And if you want even more from the Bucks, check out their Senior Director Johnny Watson on this recent Huddle call for more insights.

Huddle 2.0 – Fan Supporter Sections

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