Between the Fur: Dan Meers

Kenn Solomon KC Wolf mascot Dan Meers. Dan talks of his work in the community, philanthropy, 30 year career as KC Wolf.

A chat with the legendary and current Kansas City Chiefs Mascot KC WOLF!  Dan Meers is the first NFL Mascot featured on Between the Fur.  Dan talks of his work in the community, philanthropy, 30 year career, and how his near death injury has been a blessing overall.  As we chatted about his 70 ft. fall, I get the opportunity to clear the air about the time I got hung from the catwalk in front of 19k people.

Between the Fur Podcast:

Past and present professional mascots reveal their crazy, funny, and inspirational stories from behind the mask and give an exclusive insight on what it’s like behind the scenes and between the fur.  Hosted by Super Kenn Solomon.

The Between the Fur Podcast is a production of Kenn Solomon.  Kenn Solomon is responsible for its content. © Kenn Solomon 2019.


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