Big Phun in Reading

The Phanatic drops in on Reading, which triggers a quick walk down memory lane and a handful of Phanatic links….in addition to all the ballpark laughs.

The Fightin’ Phils nearby parent club’s famous mascot will be making its annual trip to Reading this month.  Always a big draw the Phanatic revs up the crowd (and players) and provides a full night of entertainment to the Reading fans.

I had the chance to catch this show a few years ago and can attest the power of the big green monster to be the center of attention and entertain the masses.

These mascot showcases are near and dear to my heart.  First, seeing The San Diego Chicken at Minnesota Kicks game at age nine set my professional future (read more if you need that back story).  Then later as a professional mascot I toured the country as a mascot touring act providing additional entertainment for profession and college teams.  While this model has faded in the last 25 years, the value remains when properly utilized like the Reading team uses the Phanatic.

We have lots more on the Phanatic on our site, including:


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