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The Best of 2020 Awards complete with seven categories. Congrats to all our winners in this most unique year.

Best Act:

The touring act or halftime show that excels in providing quality entertainment for your fans. Touring acts, halftime acts and non-mascot performers are considered. Consider drawing power, entertainment quality, cooperation of the act, ability of act to promote appearances, added media exposure for team, act innovation and value.

Winner: Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act

Perhaps the most difficult category to stand out in 2020 was the Best Act. Touring acts abruptly shifted from life on the road in front of thousands of fans to literally zero shows in an instant. A handful of acts still percolated to the top of the list for our panelists, notably  last year’s Honorable Mention winner Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act.

Our panelists loved the value of his whole game entertaining in the stands and during breaks over traditional halftime acts, one adding,  “(He) gives you much more than simply a halftime performance. I’ll continue to prefer his all-game in-game value over other acts.”

Like many touring acts Tyler lost nearly the entire year to COVID, with 30 shows in January and February, followed by ZERO since.  Here’s hoping the flow of events resumes so talented acts like Tyler can get back to doing what they do best.

Honorable Mention: Red Panda and The Real Snap Boogie

Perennial favorite Red Panda Acrobat was often mentioned by our panel. Beloved for her professionalism and work ethic off the court, she continues to amaze fans on the court. “Red Panda stands out to me as being a bit more polished and professional than the other acts,” said one. And long-time panelist Scott Carter added “I would vote for Red Panda every year she was nominated.”

When he’s not in worldwide dance battles or impressing judges on America’s Got Talent, Snap Boogie has dazzled fans in sporting arenas nationwide.  He is an act that is clearly on the rise in sports.


This guy was on America’s got talent!#celebrity

♬ original sound – snapboogie

Past Winners:

If you have not yet, order the new book by Cameron Hughes called KING of CHEER.  Cameron is the four-time winner of Best Act and the book is a delightful journey through his professional life along with the encouragement everyone needs to Get Up and take a chance on themselves.

Best Team Introductions:

Which team introduction is the best produced, executed, fresh and innovative. Consider creativity, value to fans, execution, quality of presentation, fan interaction and attention to detail. We level the playing field by considering budget constraints to minor league teams. The category will focus primarily on the standard introduction (opening night variations will be considered, but the focus is on the standard game production). Due to the category we will also rely heavily on video reviews (YouTube, etc.).

Winner: Boston Bruins – Toronto Raptors – Phoenix Suns

More award winners that spoke uniquely to the sports landscape of 2020, these three teams cut through and found a way to make their introductions memorable. The Bruins crowd-sourced their intros for the NHL Bubble, while the Suns and Raptors tapped family and friends to delight fans and players alike.

So much to love in all three.

With so much forced invention in 2020 due to the pandemic, teams will look for ideas that can translate into a more normal setting.  Introductions with this simplicity and warmth hopefully find a way to remain to stay for the long-term since they tap into a humanity that sometimes is overlooked while presenting players.

Past Winners:

Listen to the Best of 2020 Audio Round Table discussing all the categories and winners with out panel of Jon Cudo, Amanda Greco, Rob Wicall and Benjamin Hill. – December 2020 Party in the Back Podcast

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