Back-Up Plans in Philly

The Beat goes on in Philly thanks to some high-level production work by the Game Operations crew.

“If you have one, you have none.”

-Law Bosse

I worked with a Production Manager in WWE named Law Bosse. Law was full of insights and experience from years on tour and his time in the Military.  Well armed with “how-tos” and expressive sayings.  We were talking once about carrying extra gear, often having back-ups for everything from lighting cables to Championship Belts.

Law explained in the military they worked with a back-up for everything in their operations, since if your primary tool broke, got lost or stopped functioning you would be screwed.  As the saying went, “if you have one, you have none.”  You have to have a back-up, since things go wrong and when you are in the middle of the military (or production) theatre there is no time fix it.

The Philadelphia Union know that lesson as well. Recently during their pregame tradition of banging the drum, their drumstick broke during while their celebrity was starting the routine. Standing by one of their production crew had a second mallet so the tradition went off without a missing a beat.

While it may not be possible to duplicate everything, it’s a great production habit to plan to the live event disaster like Philly had done to keep the tradition in tact.

But a heads up to the great crew in Philly….you currently have none.  😜

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