Ringo’s Playoff Beard is Back!

The iconic playoff beard is back….on this AHL standout mascot.

Love this Playoff-tested tradition out of Texas.

Ringo, mascot of the Texas Stars, grows a playoff beard like hockey players.

The tradition of growing playoff beards in hockey is believed to have originated in the NHL in the 1980s. The practice gained popularity as players began to notice that they often wouldn’t shave during the playoffs, either due to superstition or simply because they were too focused on the games to bother with grooming.

The playoff beard has since become a widespread tradition in hockey, with players and even fans growing beards to show their support for their teams during the postseason. The idea behind the playoff beard is that players will not shave until their team is eliminated from the playoffs or wins the championship, symbolizing unity, solidarity, and a commitment to the team’s success.

While the exact origins of the playoff beard tradition are unclear, it has become an iconic part of hockey culture, with players often sporting impressive facial hair during the intense playoff season.

Not to be left behind, Ringo has sprouted his own beard.

Of course like any good NHL player or a Chia Pet, you can watch it grow as the playoffs roll on.

And this is his first barbecue… Ringo has gone unshaven before.

Playoff Beard Grows on Mascot

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