A batting helmet and a history lesson? Sign me up.

10 year old me just totally popped for this giveaway.  I recall having a collection of these hard plastic batting helmets, unlikely to protect you from anything but completely able to amp up your look at the backyard baseball game.

No question I would have BEGGED to go to this game.

The Renegades have combined this giveaway (which qualifies as a Throwback to me) with their Tradition Tuesday theme.  Every Tuesday Home Game they look back in the history books and highlight monumental moments of the New York Yankees. Whether you are a Yankees fan or not, you can’t beat a little baseball knowledge to drop on your friends & family.

Promotion: Batting Helmet Giveaway on a Tradition Tuesday presented by Sloop Brewing Company! First 1,000 Fans will receive a souvenir Renegades Batting Helmet.

The Historical reference here relates to the 1978 Boston Massacre:

The Yankees won all four games in the series, by a combined score of 42–9, leaving the teams tied with identical 86–56 records at the end of play on September 10. The series became known as the “Boston Massacre”, named after the March 5, 1770, confrontation with British soldiers.

Amanda Greco, Jonny Greco and I talked about the value of stacking promotions together in this month’s Party in the Back Podcast. Here the Renegades combine the smart historical look at their parent club with a giveaway to make the draw even stronger.  July 2022 Party in the Back Podcast

Speaking of Giveaways, our growing list of giveaways from teams all across sports is growing.  Now over 700.  See what’s hot and spark your next creative giveaway concept from our curated list of social media posts.


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