Baby Racing

Adorable, unpredictable, innocent competition your fans will LOVE. See how teams are creating an annual tradition out of these sponsor-friendly and fan-loved competitions.

A baby race, where crawling babies compete in a race, has several elements that contribute to its appeal as a halftime spectacle.

  1. Adorability: Babies crawling is inherently cute and heartwarming. The sight of tiny tots making their way (or sometimes not) across a short track evokes a sense of endless joy and amusement.
  2. Unpredictability: Babies are unpredictable in their actions, which makes the race exciting and humorous. They might crawl towards the finish line, sit down, go the opposite direction, or simply stop midway. This unpredictability keeps the audience engaged and entertained with high potential to surprise and delight.
  3. Family Fun: Baby races are family-friendly, providing a fun activity for kids days and family themed games. Also an attractive partnership inventory element.
  4. Innocent Competition: Unlike other competitive events, a baby race is devoid of any serious stakes. It’s a fun and innocent form of competition where the focus is more on participation and enjoyment rather than winning.
  5. Photo and Video Opportunities: Parents often cherish capturing special moments of their babies. A baby race provides ample opportunities for adorable and memorable photos and videos, which parents can look back on fondly…and a social media bonanza.


Baby Races are also flexible and easy to modify into a theme.  Some teams have dressed the babies like their mascot, themed the race for the holidays with kids in Easter Bunny costumes, Christmas elves or a Thanksgiving turkey or even dressed to match a theme night like Star Wars Night.


And to make it all happen you need surprisingly little:  Babies and the start and finish lines.

While we can’t do much to find you racing babies, but we do have some banners in our store, easy to customize with fast turn around.  See the product page for more to jump start your race night.

Of course there are always some registration and rules to consider, consult with your local guidelines and rules.  Here is an example of a team’s thoughtful registration and rules from the New Orleans Pelicans.

Many teams have turned this races into an annual sponsored highlight.  Adorable, customizable, sponsor-friendly, inexpensive, unique and unpredictable.  Baby Races are a proven winner.

Here’s another example of an in-game variation from the Bananas.  They show how this standard is so flexible, it can even fit in a baseball inning break (assuming you control the length of the inning breaks and the access to the field).  Its another viral winner for the Bananas.

If you have a Baby Race success, we’d love to see it.  Use the form to share it below.


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