August 2023 Party in the Back Podcast

Kaz Egan, Justin Jett and Cameron Hughes shine on the August 2023 Party in the Back with host Jon Cudo. We talk about a big promotion with the Lake Elsinore Storm, discuss who is inspiring teams creativity, authenticity, social media and more.

Lake Elsinore Storm Multimedia Manager Justin Jett and Host Kaz Egan join the Party in the Back podcast to talk about a big promotional night.  July 14th the team hosted a three-part promotion that connected the audience with social media in a clever way that both activated and shared the promotion.  We discuss their scavenger hunt, scout night and social media night combination.

Kaz and Justin shared some of the details that helped elevate the promotion and connect to the theme, like adding a Mr. Beast-style in-game contest (see Tweet below).  The promotion also highlighted some of the clever in-game improvisation the team utilizes to make promotions both more playful and effective.  They also noted some inspiration from the Savanah Bananas along the way.

Then Canadian National Treasure Cameron Hughes joins the Party to talk about effective Social Media, the value of authenticity and why it’s so important to SHOW, not just TELL. 

Plus Cam shares breaking news on the launch of the Audiobook launch of his book The King of Cheer.

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Here is more of the great content created by the Storm for their Get Reel/Social Media Night.

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