Are Your Prizes REMARKABLE?

Buzzworthy trophy could make your promotion more noteworthy. Ask this Gorilla.

A couple weeks ago my Twitter feed was buzzing about a new trophy for a Formula 1 Race.  A famous artist made the design, holding a sponsors tire and colored with the colors of the French flag.  Good or bad, this got people buzzing. [Editor’s note:  I love this trophy!]

One newspaper reported a glowing review that included this “Hamilton essentially led from start to finish to retake the world championship lead in France, and for his troubles was presented with this magnificent trophy, designed by artist and sculptor Richard Orlinski.” (Irish Examiner)

It got me thinking…what’s the prize for your best contest?  Is it noteworthy or remarkable in any way?  Why not? Isn’t it better if people wanted their photo with it? Felt the urge to post it on social media? Wanted to talk about it?  Seems like a golden opportunity to add some buzz around a promotion.  You don’t need a famous artist, just some creative thinking.  I’d love to hear if anyone has a trophy or reward of note….something beyond a gift bag or a gift card…something worthy of remark. (which is really what the whole Water Cooler Moment is about).

In our Six from Six Game review of the Pirates we talk about the concept of having fun with your contestants, and this is in that same vein.  Why not spark some additional buzz with an awesome trophy that every nightly winner can hold for the day?

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