April 2017 Podcast

MILB.com’s Benjamin Hill, crazed lunatic Cameron Hughes and Mikaela Higgins from the Lansing Lugnuts join the April 2017 Podcast.

Minor league Promotional Guru Ben Hill starts the podcast with some notes on his summer touring plans #SorryColorado.  He covers food as promotion and the subtle shift away from some food promos and all you can eat specials.  Ben reflects on Mountain Man and pulls sunshine our of the darkness of upcoming Total Eclipse promotions.  Ben closes with a note on a team promotion suggesting every promotion has been done already…and why they are right.

Professional Touring Act and Canadian National treasure Cameron Hughes joins the podcast next to talk about adding some novelty to promotions by changing their setting (in one of the more memorable segments ever on the show).  Cameron then breaks down several promotions in a March Madness-style bracket, including a rare glimpse at a more salty side of Cameron.  Promotions include social media night in Sacramento, St. Patricks Day in Toronto, a crossover sport promotion in Phoenix and an opening day vote in Michigan.

We wrap up with a special visit with Mikaela Higgins from the Lansing Lugnuts who lays out their Lugnuttiest opening night plans and more.

Plus 5 years ago on the pod and site notes.

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Show Notes and Mentions

Time codes for topics due in part to the complaints submitted by Mick Rowan.

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