Aloha Rodeo by David Wolman

“An inspiring and impeccably crafted story of against-all-odds triumph. I loved this book, truly.” —Simon Winchester

Late in 2018 I was contacted by an author named David Wolman who was researching a story about Nike.  I worked for the iconic shoe giant in the 1990’s. The research he’s been working on is still in the works, but I have enjoyed talking and writing back and forth with David. Reliving the past and hearing his wonder and curiosity about experience has been really enjoyable.

When I was first contacted I wanted understand who he was and his style so googled him and read a story he wrote about Finnish military preparedness. It was quickly clear that Wolman was a fantastic scribe.

…when the Shirtless Judo Cowboy barged into Crimea and Ukraine in 2014, the equipoise between Finland and Russia was suddenly upset. The takeover made it clear that Vladimir Putin was done with the existing world order. (Red Dawn Lapland)

So while David Wolman hasn’t written a noted book on sports marketing (yet), I thought it would be interesting to include him in the book section. I believe he can make any story an incredible read.  Here is is his latest offering Aloha Rodeo.

Update: The article David was working on is out, here is the link. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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