Star Wars Night Saves American Fans from a Loss

Allen Americans affirm that the final score isn’t as important as an entertaining show with this Star Wars Night saga.

It was Star Wars night for the Allen Americans and the team shared their in-game success online and made their Star Wars Efforts look epic.  Take a look at a few of posts in their story.

First the jerseys, which were also auctioned off post-game.

The concourse fun and the cast of characters:

Connecting the action to the promotion.  Even the tweets were playfully scripted.

And the wrap up from the ice:

It’s all a great reminder to Celebrate your Success and show fans your promotions are meaningful and successful. Building up your current and past promotions signal to fan that your next promotion is going to also be great.

Also, while the team lost 8-2 you are confirming that the night is entertaining regardless of the score.  It is what we all do in game operations and presentation.

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