Notable March Game in Detroit

March 13 is a big day in Detroit. See why the Pistons’ circled the calendar for this game against the Clippers.

March 13 is (of course) 313 Day in Detroit (known for the 313 area code).  The team is celebrating on the court against the Clippers, and will likely be respecting the code with a strong emphasis on local music and their 313 branding.  Plus the team uses the 313 tag on merchandise all year long.

313 Branding (from our High Five – Detroit Pistons article)

The Pistons have new branding, which accentuate the team’s connection to the city and features “313,” Detroit’s area code. It also uses a large “DET” design in the Pistons’ familiar red, white and blue basketball design. The game operations and presentation staff did an excellent job promoting and broadcasting this new focus.

Claire explained “…. (it) has been a goal to infuse within game programming as much as we can. The newly unveiled “313” and “DET” logo treatments reinforce the franchise’s love for the city and embodies the culture and collective understanding that those numbers and letters serve as more than just an area code or location.”

The show hits this 313, DET,  and D-UP branding in a lot of different ways, including:

  • PA Announcer Mason calling it out within starting lineups PA
  • “3….13” pointer calls after 3-point shots
  • An announcement of “3:13 until game time” during the pre-game
  • 313 graphic overlays for videoboard
  • 313 branded uniforms and DJ gear
  • 313 chants and sounds from DJ
  • 313 celebrities highlights, and
  • performers from Detroit for anthem & halftime

High Five – Detroit Pistons

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