2020 Water Cooler Moment Bracket

Our crack crew looks at the best moments of the month as we build toward naming the best Water Cooler Moment of 2020. (updated monthly)

January 2020 we started a new feature on Gameops.com, the 2020 Water Cooler Bracket. Each month on the Party in the Back Podcast one of our guests will help determine the best Water Cooler Moment from the previous month. We will enter them into a bracket and at the end of 2020 we will have a poll to see which was the Best Moment of the Year.

Of course this is mostly subjective, but all the great Water Cooler Moments are. Along the way we have a chance to look back and review those that made us laugh, think or engage. We will keep a running bracket along the way.

Make sure you listen to the Party in the Back Podcast each month. You can also comment on tweets (or the Water Cooler pages) to note your favorites. RT or Like the tweets if you think they are strong and we will make sure to consider them as well. See below for the month by month review.

March – Our guest was Amanda Greco. We pitched these five popular Water Cooler Moments to her:

After some careful deliberation, Amanda selected the Winterhawks Plane Toss as her favorite for the month.

February – Rob Wicall share the entire hour on the Podcast and closed with a look at the best moments in January.

Rob chose the Hershey Bears Teddy Bear Toss as the winner.

January – Canadian National Treasure and touring act Cameron Hughes kicked off the year and looked at the best December had to offer, starting with:

Cameron had a great method to review these. He simply asked: “Can you Feel it?”. He certainly felt Taylor University’s Silent Night and pick it as this month’s winner.

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