October 2022 Party in the Back Podcast

The October Party in the Back rages with guest Rob Wicall and Jonny Greco. We look at being accountable for your own position in Live Events, evaluation techniques and a creating culture to grown and improve.


Rob Wicall explains the importance of accountability for everyone working in Live Events.

Recap: An Avalanche of Creativity with Steve Johnston

Steve Johnston from the Colorado Avalanche and Kroenke Sports & Entertainment shares insight into taking chances, pushing creativity and championship-level game presentation.

Shirt Launcher Resources

One stop resource page for shirt launching. Everything you need to know including safety, tank filling, oiling and rolling shirts.

Evan Dabby – MLS

Influential Soccer Leader Evan Dabby joined us for an interview in on MLS game presentation. (updated and reposted Sept 2022)

Between the Fur: Andrew Johnson

Kenn Solomon talks with Andrew Johnson about super fans, meeting Presidents and inspiring generations.

You Owe Them Your Best

Fans may be seeing OKC Thunder mascot Rumble for the first time or the last time, but they will always see his best effort. 


Chuck-a-Puck is a great fan interactive promotion that can sell group seats, generate revenue and build great sponsor inventory….and fans love the spectacle.

PULSE: Teddy Bear Toss

Blank Chuck-a-Pucks

Soft foam pucks suitable for Chuck-A-Puck Promotion in various color options.  Sold as Blanks.