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Today's Moment: 10/9/2017

Baltimore's DNA Unlocks Buzz
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The Baltimore Ravens have cancelled a promotion after more details emerged on who would have access to the DNA results of their fans.

More from Gizmodo:

You may have never wondered what’s in the DNA of a football fan, but the Baltimore Ravens planned to find out. As part of a bizarre game-day promotion on Sunday, the Ravens partnered with consumer genetic testing company Orig3n to give away free DNA test kits to 55,000 fans as they entered the stadium. But the plan was hastily abandoned just a few hours before kick off, amid concerns about privacy and an inquiry from the federal government about whether the company’s labs lacked necessary certifications. (web)



Some teams get a little grief for producing the same old promotions and giveaways, this promo shows some of the perils of working outside the box on really unique promotions since there are so many possibilities for things to go awry. I saw this not to discourage taking those chances, but rather to note how impressive teams are who are able to pull of new, different successful promotion.

This got a lot of attention.  Even with the late night hosts...


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