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Today's Moment: 2/6/2017

Trolling Players in DC
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Messing with players overtly is tricky, and outright against some league's rules. Leaving you to be clever, coy, subversive or daring...and it looked like the Washington Wizards may have been some mix of all four this week...but it was certainly effective in getting people to talk around the Water Cooler.

Quick background:  Nicky "Swaggy P" Young is a shooting guard for the Lakers, who dated singer Iggy Azalea until recently.  Iggy's top hit is a tune called "Fancy"  

So when Nick missed shots on his recent trip to DC their DJ would cue up "Fancy" just to unnerve the shooter.  And it seemed to work.

Here is the Swaggy P Shot Chart from the game.




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