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Today's Moment: 3/23/2017

Lugnuts Opening Night Poll
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One way to connect people with a giveaway is by giving them a voice in it.  

I read about an on-line site who routinely adds a voting option for fans to pick the design for their next shirt.  When get people to vote they know they are fans who are vested in the site, they know they like the new design, and they have their email address to let them know when it\'s available....and the new designs hit the ground running.  Sales numbers increase by 4-5 times compared to shirts that are just added to the store.

This Lansing Lugnut fan voting concept follows a similar method.  Get fans engaged and you know your fans are going to like the giveaway.



I'm also a big fan of northern baseball teams who offer winter items like scarves and hats for opening night giveaways with a nod to the weather-realities of an April game. 

 Fan's Choice in Lansing.


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