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BackPack Banner™
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Most of the elements created and executed by teams are sponsored.  It's a primary means of revenue. often times allowing teams to buy larger props and games.  In return sponsors and partners seek awareness and the positive attachment to sports teams and the entertainment at games.

Like any media, there is always a drive to find new, creative and eye-catching ways to advertise.  Static banners and scoreboard graphics are staples, however many sponsors want new, fresh and innovative signage.  To meet that demand by sponsors who crave "new", we are proud to introduce the BackPack Banner™.

The BackPack Banner™ takes advertising to a whole new level by making it 100% mobile. The combined unit weighs a mere 3 pounds and consists of a reinforced backpack, high-impact advertising banner and even a brochure pocket.

We have two styles of banner, the TearDrop and the Flag.  Both cost the same, and both are printed double sided dye sublimated full color.

Banners can be swapped out, so you can use the same backpacks and purchase additional flags for your various partners and incorporate this innovative mobile advertising for all your valued partners.

As you can see in this example, your operations staff are always in the middle of the action and are some of your most visible employees at events.  Why not capitalize on their visibility with the BackPack Banner™?

The BackPack Banner™ also is perfect for concourse engagement like season ticket information, events, sponsorship marketing, all-star voting, chuck-a-puck sales or any other time you want your staff to stand apart from the crowd and catch a fan's eye.

 Without Backpack Banner

With Backpack Banner

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