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Pink Rally Towels
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Sports have become a major fundraising center for many charities and the opportunity for teams to promote games around charities is attractive for many reasons.  First it showcases the teams as pillars of the community and cast a positive light on the teams for their goodwill efforts.  It can also broaden the audience for the team, for example you may not be a huge hockey fan but if the team is supporting a cause close to your interests you would be more inclined to attend.  Finally, it can provide the team with unique ways to present their product to fans and differentiate games.

A great example is the proliferation of "Pink the Rink" and Breast Health Awareness Nights.  Pink the Rink was initially associated with Valentines Day.  This promotion included a dye being used with the water to create a pink-colored ice.

In recent years the spread of Breast Health Awareness and charities like the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure has expanded the use of pink ice to the a night centered on charity and awareness.

Teams build entire nights around Breast Health Awareness including information tables, screenings, and fundraising.  Many teams create custom jerseys that are worn in-game and auctioned off following the game with the proceeds going to charity.


To create a great visual and offer fans a keepsake tied to the promotion many teams now include a pink rally towel as a premium giveaway.  

Gameops.com is proud to offer two great alternatives for this giveaway.  An economy towel with terry cotton loop that is 11" by 18" or a premium terry velour towel that is 15" by 18".  Pricing and timelines are available by using the contact us form below.

  • 11" x 18" - 100% Terry Cotton, size 11" x 18" 1lb/doz, printed area 9" x 14"
  • 15" x 18" - 100% Terry Velour, size 15" x 18" 1.25lbs/doz, printed area 10" x 15"

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Podcast - February 2014
Howie Gold of HA-LO Industries, Inc
Rally Towels
Podcast - February 2012
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