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Movember Premiums
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Mustaches aren't the only thing growing in November, sports teams use of Movember as a promotional resource is also growing every year.  Hockey teams have embraced this month-long event to raise awareness and to help engage fans.

Movember (a portmanteau word from mustaches and "November") is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer and associated charities. The Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event, housed at The goal of Movember is to "change the face of men's health."

By encouraging men (which the charity refers to as "Mo Bros") to get involved, Movember aims to increase early cancer detection, diagnosis and effective treatments, and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths. Besides getting an annual check-up, the Movember Foundation encourages men to be aware of any family history of cancer, and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.(wikipedia)

Teams everywhere are adding Movembe-related promotions, custom jerseys, fan experiences, fundraising and promotional giveaways to their calendars all during November.  Many use web-photo journals trace the facial growth of players and front office member.  This fun promotion not only raises money and awareness for Male cancer's, but is providing teams a forum to entertain and engage with fans.

Wilkes Barre Scranton Penquins Brian Coe discusses their Movember promotion in the Podcast. Listen here: Podcast - October 2012 has four featured items this year selected to connect with fans and the Movember promotions:

Many other items can be used with the artful addition of a mustache.  Our art department can help make your creative vision a reality.

Add to your Movember promotional calendar with one of these unique premium giveaways that can promote your message, tie into your month-long campaign and provide sponsorship value.  Use the form below to connect on more information.

New June 2014: Mustache Snap Bracelets and Mustache Eyeblack (with or without header card)


MUSTACHE - EyeBlack material die cut into mustache shape

  •     Digitally printed full-size face and finger mustaches
  •     Each sheet contains 1 full-size mustache and 1 finger mustache
  •     2-week turnaround time (after finalizing art and PO)

MUSTACHE - Full-sized mustache with header card

  •     Digitally printed unit
  •     Header card provides a great marketing space for a sponsor


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