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Rally towels are a favorite of sports teams, fans and sponsors. Rally Towels, Homer Hankies and Terrible Towels have a long history in sports. This is one of our Core Products, meaning we specialize in providing the best towels and service for your needs. No one does Rally Towels better.

We have selected three towel solutions from dozens of options: The Economy Towel, the Gameops.com Rally Towel and the Gameops.com Over-The-Edge™ Rally Towel. This page has details on the options and a form to request a quote on your specific needs to take you all the way through the order process.

Please review the photos and information below. You can use our form below for more questions or to get a quote. We also encourage you to get a sample from any towel supplier, because you might find a cheaper price...but you have also found a cheap towel.

FAQ's - Photos - Request Pricing - Background and History


We have selected three towels that are the best solution to most requests: The Economy Towel, The Gameops.com Towel and our Over-The-Edge™ Rally Towels. The economy towels is good for limited budgets. The Gameops.com Towel is the best rally towel we have found (so good we put our name on it); 100% cotton with hemmed edges, this velour towel prints extremely well and feels great. Our edge-to-edge total print process transforms the towel to any color without the high cost or large minimums associated with a dyed-color towel.

See our photo gallery of each towel and its features.


The soft velour side of the Gameops.com Rally Towels is ideal for a smooth readable imprint. Imprint up to six colors on the Gameops.com Rally Towels. Also our exclusive Over-the-Edge™edge-to-edge print transforms the white towel to any color you want and the print is bright and clear....whites show up bright and soft. We also have glow in the dark print options.


The Gameops.com Rally Towel is 18 inches by 15 inches, with an imprint area of 16" by 13".

Over-The-Edge™ Rally Towels are 18 inches by 15 inches, with an imprint area of 16" by 13". The background color goes all the way to the towel edge.

Economy Rally Towels are 18 inches by 11 inches, with an imprint area of 14" by 9 ".


Use the form below to request a price quote from our TEAMmate Sales Staff. We typically respond to requests in less than 24 hours with our best price and product solution.

Our standard timelines are about 3 weeks for delivery, but some RUSH options are available.


We have comparison shopped around the web for a quantity of 1000 white towels, with 3 color artwork, including all set-ups and shipping in the US.

Vendor Pricing
ePromo Website $2100.00
4print Website $2000.00
CheapSpiritItems Website ** 3 colors not available
Gameops.com CORE Product $1350.00

Use the form below for an exact quote to meet your needs.

What is a Rally Towel?

How long does it take to get a custom order of rally towels?

What are the sizes of towels you offer?

Where do we ship from?

What is the minimum number of Rally Towels that I can order?

What is the maximum number of Rally Towels that I can order?

What discounts do I get on larger orders?

What is the difference between the Economy Towel and the Gameops.com Rally Towel? How do I know which is best for me?

Do you have colored towels?

How does Over-The-Edge™ printing work?

Can I get a Glow-In-The-Dark Towel?

What colors do you have available?

Can I Over-The-Edge™ any towel that I would like?

What is the difference between the Gameops.com Rally Towel and the Economy version?

Can I get a towel that is actually dyed, as opposed to printed a certain color?

Can I get samples?

What if I need the towels quicker than the posted production time?

Can I print on both sides of the towel?

What is the minimum number of towels that I can order at one time?

Can I get the towels embroidered?

Will rally towels work for my school/team?

Are there any extra costs not included with your quote?

What is a "set-up" for a rally towel?

Can I put a different imprint on some towels?

Do you offer any other towel options?

Background and History

Legend has it that loyal Pittsburgh Steelers fans brought towels containing "magical powers" to games as early as 1974. In 1978 during their playoff run, a merchandising manager named Bernie Pollak decided to produce the towels. While the crowd routinely waved their "magic" towels, the players were not seen using them until January 7th of 1979 when Lynn Swann emerged from the introduction tunnel waving one of the now mythical towels. The towels followed the Steelers to the Super Bowl weeks later and has captured a piece of Americana ever since.

In 1987, (and again in 1991), the Minnesota Twins pumped new life into the idea of waving a piece of fabric at games with the Homer Hankie.

The towel has become a staple in sports premiums and giveaways.

  • Many fans bring them to every game, increasing their value to teams and sponsors.
  • Quality towels have a high perceived value.
  • Sponsors love the large imprintable space.
  • Low costs make towels applicable for the smallest high schools to the largest sporting events


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