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Prize Parachutes floated onto the sports marketing scene about 10 years ago and have been gaining momentum ever since. has been a leader in Prize Parachutes for the last five years, offering a number of solutions to sports teams. Recently we have refined our parachute offerings and are elevating Parachutes to a Core Product, meaning we specialize in providing the best chutes and service for your needs. No one does Parachutes better.

We have selected several parachute solutions, from blank smaller prize chutes to jumbo imprinted t-shirt parachutes, and created a special section to help you through the order process. This page has details on the options and a form to request a quote on your specific needs to take you all the way through the order process.

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Our Prize Parachutes™ have three options: Blanks, Custom and T-Chute. Blanks are for orders under 1,000 units, since our minimum order for any custom parachute is 1,000 units. Blanks are all white chutes with a clip to hold your prize. Custom Chutes are for orders over 1,000 pieces and we have options for customizing the imprint, layout and color of the chutes. T-Chutes are suitable for dropping t-shirts and are available for order starting at 1,000 units with and imprint or sold with no minimums on The Store at

See our photo gallery below of each towel and its features.


For orders over 1,000 units we offer imprinting on the Prize Parachutes. We offer 1 or 2 color imprints; location and sizes vary based on the parachute options (quadrant or one color imprints have different size imprint areas).


The Prize Parachutes are over 18 inches in diameter, allowing you to drop soft items weighing less than 3 ounces. T-Chutes Parachutes are a whopping 36 inches in diameter, making it possible to drop t-shirts to your fans.


Use the form below to request a price quote from our TEAMmate Sales Staff. We typically respond to requests in less than 24 hours with our best price and product solution.
Our standard time lines are about 3 weeks for delivery for Custom Orders. Blank Prize Parachutes and T-Chutes are in stock and ship to your door in 5-7 days. For fastest service on blank prize parachutes, you can use the Store.

Background and History

Prize Parachutes have been around for a little over 10 years. We featured a story on Parachutes in a Promotion Spotlight in 2002, and parachute drops were among our 2002 Best of Award winning promotions. Since then we have expanded our parachute options and found the best source for chutes.

What is a Prize Parachute™?

What sizes do they come in?

What colors are available?

Where do the parachutes ship from?

What is the minimum number of parachutes that I can order?

What is the maximum number of parachutes that I can order?

What discounts do I get on larger orders?

How many colors can I imprint on the custom orders?

What is safe to drop with these parachutes?

Are there items I should not drop?

Can I print on the undersides of chutes?

Can I drop the chutes outdoors?

Can I mix and match colors?

How long is the production process?

Can I get a RUSH order?

Can I get samples?

Are there any extra costs not included with your quote?

What is a "set-up" for a parachute?


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