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Krazy George: I am the World's Sexiest Cheerleader
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George Henderson is Krazy George, the world's most famous professional cheerleader. He's the man who made the whole world stand up and cheer by creating The Wave. No one person, or group of people, has motivated more sports fans to support their team in such a loud way as Krazy George. attempts to enter the mind of 'The Krazy One' in a light-hearted interview with the sexiest cheerleader in sports.
: Why the name Krazy George?

Krazy George
: Gorgeous George was already taken.
: If not the World's most Famous Cheerleader, what profession would you have chosen?

Krazy George: Professional Male Model. It's a little obvious but you gotta go with your strengths. This being the 25th anniversary of your creation of The WAVE, and your story now being told globally via media reports such as CBS, ESPN, MSNBC, Comedy Central Channel and The Associated Press, can you take those of us who missed this media blitz through the process that led up to the first ever WAVE?

Krazy George
: It was a three year process of modifying audience participation cheers that led me to having the perfect wave being performed at high school rallies early in my career. Now that I had the concept down, it needed to be unveiled at some nation-wide event and that was Oakland As Yankees Playoff Game on October 15, 1981. On that day in Oakland, I knew what I wanted. I rehearsed and coerced the forty-seven thousand fans into performing the first nationally televised and documented WAVE in the history of mankind. Joe Garagiola, the television announcer that day, recounted the moment. Oh yes, I have the video of that first WAVE. Do you use your skills for anything other than sports teams?

Krazy George
: I am the ultimate spokesperson for any company or cause. When I yell, people listen! If they don't, I threaten their lives. I do guest speaking tours and have brought fear, cheers, laughter and excitement to corporate gatherings for companies like Pepsi, Federal Express, Sprint and IBM to name just a few. Believe it or not, because of my drop-dead gorgeous looks, I even do commercials.
: Were you always as outgoing as you are now?

Krazy George
: People who invite me to parties are always amazed that I am Krazy George because I seem very quiet and calm. This stems from the fact that I am probably an introvert by nature but at the age of 21, I made a definite decision to become extroverted. Why? Because up till this age, I didn't have enough nerve to talk to a girl much less dance with her or ask her out for a date. Since age 21, I can definitely say I prefer extroversion to introversion. Before your cheerleading career began, you were a teacher, tell us more about that.

Krazy George
: My teaching career can be summed up with the fact that forty percent of the students I taught ended up in jail. I warped their minds! The other unfortunate fact was that 90% of the students I taught were smarter than me.
: What was the defining moment in your life that made you want to jump up in a crowd of people and encourage them to follow your lead to cheer on their team?

Krazy George: My best buddy at San Jose State, Don Bogden, brought a drum and a bugle to the football game. Since I was sitting next to him and I didn't have enough talent to play the bugle, he handed me the drum. As the game progressed, I started pounding the drum at appropriate moments and started participating more in the action. The students behind me followed along. The reaction was so great, I turned around to actually face the crowd and started leading cheers with my drum. I made the transition from sitting and cheering in the stands to leading cheers for the whole student body. There might have been one other contributing factor, did I mention my buddy Don brought a quart of vodka with him?

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