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Podcast Best 2014 Chuck-a-Pulse

Podcast - Jan 2015

Best of 2014


Cudo and Walker look at the best promotions and highlights from the last month and offer and entertaining debate on movie clips and the placement of fan appreciation night.

The 2014 Best of Awards have been announced. Find out who our panel has selected as Best Act, Best Team Operations and five other categories.

We take the PULSE of hockey teams across the country to see how they are executing Chuck-a-Puck. Find how others are driving revenue, engaging fans and driving sponsorship with Chuck-a-Puck.

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Selling the Experience

Next time you stroll across the ice, walk the warning track or toss an errant ball at the hoop before a game remember that access is special and most lifelong fans have never have that chance. Find out how teams are creating memorable experiences.

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BackPack Bannerâ„¢

Static banners and scoreboard graphics are staples, however many sponsors want new, fresh and innovative signage. To meet that demand by sponsors who crave "new", we are proud to introduce the BackPack Bannerâ„¢, perfect for your interactive performers and crews.

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Grow Your Own Bat

Grow Your Own Bat (or Hockey Stick) promotion. Great "green" giveaway with options to suit your price and giveaway needs. New options posted Dec 2012.

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