The Pulse

The Pulse is a quick trip around sports asking Game Operations personal a topical question regarding their production or event. We then bulk the answers together in an effort to showcase what's happening around the country at different levels and in different sports.

  • Chuck-a-Puck

    Teams in hockey discuss Chuck-a-Puck and how the promotion is helping them create revenue, fan engagement and sponsor inventory.

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  • Opening Night

    Teams in hockey and hoops discuss what they did this year on Opening night and what they attempt to accomplish via their event production on that night.

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  • Fireworks Nights

    Teams discuss how they approach fireworks, along with ideas to improve. Thanks to our Game Operations Professionals for their time and insight.

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  • National Anthem

    Teams discuss how they approach the National Anthem, including song selection, standard proceedure, league rules and singer selection.

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  • Moment of Silence

    Many teams honor people, players or events with a Moment of Silence, some even ask the fans to reflect at each game during war time. The timing, duration and details vary and we asked several teams how they execute their commemoration.

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