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Podcast - Star Wars Edition
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Jon Cudo hosts this months podcast with a series of interviews related to the popular Star Wars promotions that are dotting the minor league baseball landscape this summer. 

Ben Hill from MiLB.com sets the table, followed by Craig Katz from the Toledo Mudhens, Elaine Gastineau from OT Sports and Danielle Feezle with the 501st Garrison.  Ben Hill also closes the show with a dramatic and breath-taking performance of the final bits of a bad Star Wars parody that is woven through-out this 30 minute podcast.

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Pat Walker had the month off and will return next month. 

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Show Notes
This month's edition of the Gameops.com Podcast with Jon Cudo is a special look at Star Wars Promotions.

Cudo talk to Ben Hill about the origins of the promotion and why it is so effective for teams.  Craig Katz from the Toledo Mudhens shares some of the success from Mudhens Star Wars weekend.  Elaine Gastineau from OT Sports talk about the jersey component of this promotion and Danielle Feezle explains how you can use Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion to enhance your promotion. We also share insight from Scott Carter of the Durham Bulls.

...and if you like bad Star Wars parody, this podcast will really be for you.

Thanks to drunkdude69 for our fancy bumper music.

Podcast - September 2015
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