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The Mascot Hall of Fame
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Move over Canton and Cooperstown, there is a new Hall of Fame for the legendary performers in the world of fur: The Mascot Hall of Fame.

David Raymond and Chris Bruce from Raymond Entertainment join us to discuss the Hall of Fame in the May 2005 Interview.

David Raymond was the original Phillie Phanatic and the founder of Raymond Entertainment Group. Chris Bruce was a UCA national mascot champion, Graduate of the U of Delaware and currently performs as REGGY the Purple Party Dude. David and Chris joined us for the May 2005 Interview.

Gameops.com: Tell us about the Mascot Hall of Fame.

David Raymond
: The Mascot Hall of Fame is a seriously fun attempt to honor great mascots that have had a long standing effect on the business of characters. This inaugural year will help create the national exposure that the Mascot Hall of Fame will need to grow. We envision a physical "bricks and mortar" Mascot Hall of Fame to exist in the future. We won't be able to reach that goal without the support of everyone that understands the value of character performance and FUN!

: How did this get started?

David Raymond
: The genesis of the idea for a Mascot Hall of Fame came from the success of our Mascot Rally for Mascot Rights that was produced by my company, Raymond Entertainment. After the Milwaukee Sausage smacking incident in 2003, we felt it was important to bring to light that mascot performance is supposed to be about creating special value added entertainment for sports fans. Last year at the second annual mascot rally we gave the Phillie Phanatic a lifetime achievement award. It was an awesome experience for everyone involved and made us think that we should highlight a great character each year.

: Who is behind the Mascot Hall of Fame?

David Raymond
: The Raymond Entertainment Group is the company behind the production of the Mascot Hall of Fame but the direction of the first official ballot and the actual inductions is provided by an executive committee made up of great performers, sports executives, broadcasters and long time supporters of great mascot performance.

Gameops.com: What is the process for nomination/induction?

Chris Bruce: Voting procedures are as follows:

A. The first step in the process will be inductee nominations. These nominations will come from the Executive Committee Members. Each Committee member may nominate up to three candidates to be considered but a nomination of one is valid.

B. Once all the nominees are in, ballot selections are made. To be placed on the ballot a nominee must receive a two-thirds vote from the committee. There will be no more than six nominees placed on the ballot in a given year. In the case more than six nominees receive greater than two-thirds vote from the Executive Committee, then the top six vote getters will be placed on the ballot.

C. Once the final ballot is established, it is released to the public via an official press release to be held sometime in May.

D. After the ballot has been officially released, a three tier voting process begins. Executive Committee Members hold the most weight and their votes will count as 51% of the total vote. Voting Members will make up the remaining 49%. The public vote will not be officially counted toward the election but will be considered by both Executive Committee and Voting Members before the final selections. Any candidate receiving votes on seventy-five percent (75%) of the ballots cast shall be elected for induction into the Mascot Hall of Fame.

E. A member of the Executive Committee and a representative of the Raymond Entertainment Group shall certify the results of the election. Raymond Entertainment and the Mascot Hall of Fame Executive Committee will jointly release the results for publication.

F. Raymond Entertainment Group, LLC and the Mascot Hall of Fame Executive Committee reserve the right to revoke, alter or amend these rules at any time.

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