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Spot the Fire Dog Video - Nike Rhythm
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Nike Rhythm Spoof by the Portland Fire

A special video piece was created this season for the Portland Fire (WNBA). The piece features the Fire's mascot, Spot, in a spoof of the popular Nike Rhythm ads.

The video aired on the Fire's opening night broadcast and was also played in-arena for the fans.

Shot and edited by local production house Lost Highway Pictures, located in Portland Oregon.

Update: This video recently was submitted to the 2002 IDEA Conference by the Portland Trailblazers and won in the Best Mascot Video Award category.

Video: Spot Rhythm (1:00)
Production and Editing: HUX (Mike Lepis, Glen Nardelli)
Storyboard and layout: Mike Lepis, Jon Cudo
Inspired by the Nike Rhythm ads: Nike, Inc, created by Wieden and Kennedy
Special Thanks: Post Up Productions, Jeff Curtain, and Pat Lowry


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