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Mascot Tips From the Pros
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Tips from the Pros

At the 2002 NBA Mascot Conference we asked several top NBA mascots for their advice to aspiring mascots on how to advance their mascot career and get prepared for mascoting opportunities. We share that advice here.

Seattle Sonics - Try to meet another mascot, connect with a member of the current mascot community who can help you meet others, show you the business, and let you know of any new opportunities. Many jobs are filled by word of mouth. I learned so much about this business from an NBA mascot before I found a job. It helped me get ready for auditions and it helped me hear about the jobs that were open.

PREMIUM CONTENT:  The Jazz, Spurs, Suns, Nets and Cavs mascots also offer additional tips in this Premium Content on

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Michael Zerillo Unmasked as the Hornet's Mascot
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