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Every Bird is Different
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Blitz Guest Essay

We recently received this essay from the Seattle Seahawks mascot, which was a very interesting way to use your mascot to project a positive message to kids. The message can be read to kids at a school assembly or used in the game program.

BLITZ wrote the story for their reading program "Ready Set Goals." For this program BLITZ travels to grade schools across the state and gets kids excited about reading, writing and setting goals. The kids are told normally a player will write the story but unfortunately our athlete was injured and couldn't write their story for that month and so BLITZ wrote about a lesson learned in his life.

Blitz acts out the story while a teacher reads it to the assembly. Following that, Blitz does a gymnastic and a clapping routine. Other times Blitz performs "Oh The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss.

If you have an essay or guest editorial that you wish to submit to Gameops.com, please email the story to info@gameops.com.

Every Bird is Different

By Blitz

I have been the mascot for 5 years and if there is one thing I have learned from meeting so many mascots it is that you shouldn't judge them or think you are better than them because they are different. There was one time all of the mascots in the NFL gathered and met at the super bowl. The first time I met some of the mascots I thought they were pretty weird. Billy the Buffalo had a BIG head, Miles the Bronco had LONG hair, Roary the Lion was LOUD, T.D. the Dolphin had a LONG nose, Captain Fear the Buccaneer had TOO MUCH jewelry, and Rowdy the Cowboy wore a SILLY hat.

They told us to get into groups for a contest and so Swoop the Eagle , Poe the Raven , Freddie the Falcon , and Big Red from the Cardinals and I flocked together because we were all birds and everyone knows birds are the best at everything. Besides everyone else was not as good as us because they did not have wings like us, they did not have beaks like us, and they most definitely did not have feathers like us.

First they gave us a math problem to solve. Our team put our bird brains together and tried and tried but we couldn't figure it out. This is when I realized that I should have different types of mascots on my team and not just the ones like me. I remember teasing Billy the Buffalo earlier because he had such a big head. He was shy, but boy was he smart! He figured out that math problem faster than anyone and got points for his team. I wished I had met Billy and invited him to be on my team.

Next they had a jumping contest and there was no way our team of chicken legs could out jump Jaxson De Ville of the Jaguars , Roary of the Lions , or Sir Purr of the Panthers . They all were better jumpers than anyone on our team and so all of their teams got points, and we didn't get any.

Finally they gave us a challenge we thought we would definitely win. They challenged us to cross a river with a lit candle. We knew flying would be the ONLY way to cross the river and not get the candle wet. Obviously anyone who couldn't fly wouldn't score any points for their team. All of the birds started to fly across the river with pride, but when we would get up in the air, the wind would blow out our candle. We tried everything to keep the candle lit, but every time we got up in the air to fly the wind would blow it out. The whole bird team was convinced it was impossible to cross the river with a lit candle and so we gave up.

We were surprised to see that others teams combined their different talents and found other ways to cross the river. Rowdy from the Cowboys built a raft for his team to float on and protected the candle from the wind with his hat. T.D. from the Dolphins swam the raft across the river while Captain Fear of the Buccaneers steered it. Sam the prospector of the 49ers thought they could dig under the river. Gumbo the Saint Bernard from the Saints was a good digger and Miles the Bronco pulled out the dirt from the tunnel. Miles was a real work horse. They dug under the river in no time. Both teams scored points by using their different talents.

I sure learned a lot about not assuming that I am better than anyone else or judging others based on how they look or dress. It doesn't matter if they wear a lot of jewelry or wear a silly hat. Each mascot is special because they are different. I now try to learn from other mascots and understand where they come from so I can become a better bird. Now I challenge you to do the same.

Keep your beak up and SOAR!
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