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Can You Be Your Team's Social Media E.X.P.E.R.T.?
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Few things in sports business will ever be as dynamic or conscious altering as the ascension of social media. In a matter of months, teams have moved from a tentative adoption of platforms to full scale strategies involving dedicated personnel. The stakes have been raised and more important questions are being asked.  How do you capitalize on all of the connections you've made over the past couple of seasons? How do you jump from simple fan engagement to mobilization and monetization? How does your use of social media become completely integrated into your organization's marketing, public relations and customer service philosophies?

To address these questions, many have forecasted the rise to prominence of social media managers- staff members committed to navigating the landscape and taking team initiatives to the next level. Given that a haphazard approach to social media will only alienate fans and foster one-way, "us first" perceptions, the expansion of social media focused positions seems inevitable and rightly so.  At the major league level, several teams have already hired social media, digital marketing, or new media directors.  On the minor league front however, where staff members must have a broader scope of responsibilities, the creation of social media specific jobs seems unlikely. That being said, minor league organizations still need a point person to quarterback new technology efforts.

So, why can't it be you? Considering how quickly the environment has grown and changed over the last couple of years, there are people out there calling themselves "experts" that didn't have an inkling to tweet until recently.  Quite simply, the more you use, share, read and interact, the more proficient you'll become in the realm of social media. Those are the keys though, as you have to commit to total immersion if you hope to be regarded as an authority on the topic. Posting periodic game updates isn't going to do the job.

Using a fitting acronym, here are some fundamentals needed if you plan on becoming your team's social media E.X.P.E.R.T.

PREMIUM CONTENT: Carter looks at these six fundamentals and how each can help you become your team's social media expert in this Premium Content Article on

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