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Birth of a Mascot Tradition
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Birth of a Mascot Tradition
By Bob Beatty

My freshman year at Carnegie Tech, now Carnegie-Mellon, I decided to try out for Cheerleading. I was good in gymnastics and enjoyed being in front of an audience. When I showed up however, there were 47 girls and me trying out.

The head cheerleader said she thought having male cheerleaders was a good idea, and if I could find another male to work with, they would put us on the team. I did, and for my Freshman year, we cavorted, flipped, and did other actions to rouse the crowd.

The second year I came back, but the other male didn't. So I was by myself again. We put our heads together and pondered what to do. Carnegie had never had a mascot, so they asked if I would want to try it. I said I would. Then we had to come up with a uniform. Since Carnegie was a Scottish school, we decided upon a Scottish Terrier.

My first attempt at a uniform was a failure. I had bought a pair of black leotards to try and look the part, but in public it looked ridiculous. Then we contacted the school Fine Arts department. They make costumes for their play, so we asked them to make a Scotty Dog uniform. Voila! It worked.

They came up with a paper-mache Scottish Terrier head, and a black cloth uniform that looked a lot better than leotards. In the fall of 1957, the Carnegie Tech mascot made its first appearance. As an additional touch, I had acquired a King Midget car, a very small car with an 8 horsepower motor. It looked like a jeep that caught in the rain and had shrunk to half-size.

I drove my car onto Forbes Field, got out of the car, waved at the crowd, and the Carnegie Scotty was born. The crowd loved it. I ran around the field, climbed the goal posts, played football with the other mascots, and had a great time. So did the fans. When we won, the fans would pick me up, car and all, and carry me up Forbes Avenue in a victory celebration.

It has now been 45 years since I went onto the football field as Carnegie's first Scottish Terrier, and the tradition still lives on. I'm proud to have started a school tradition at my alma mater.

Bob Beatty
Hilliard, Ohio

Bob graduated from Carnegie Tech in June, 1960.

In October of 1960 he was a Cheerleader for the Pittsburgh Pirates after they won their first pennant in 33 years, appearing at three Series games.

He was also a cheerleader for then Vice-President Nixon when he came to Pittsburgh a few days before the election.

After being the cheerleader for Nixon in 1960, he was invited to be in the National Honor Guard at the Republican National Convention in Miami in 1968, and was 30 feet away from Nixon when he gave his acceptance speech. On Wednesday night, Beatty was in the audience listening to the speeches, and chatting with a man he did not know seated next to him. The man never gave his name, but later friends said they saw Beatty on television, sitting beside Donald Nixon, Richard Nixon's brother.

Beatty worked in the press office for Nixon, when his second-level boss was John Ehrlichman.
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