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38 Tweets for Success
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38 Twitter Examples for Game Entertainment

When I talk to people about Twitter the most common response I hear is "I don't care that someone is stuck in traffic or having coffee!".  Frankly neither to I, but I still think Twitter is a tremendous resource. When I list off examples of how I see successful teams using Twitter the response is much different.  The light bulbs turn on and people see the possibilities.

So here I have compiled a list of what some teams and mascots are doing with their Twitter accounts and how it is using this platform to build their brand, sell tickets and engage with their fans.  For this column I have focused the list exclusively on how people are using tweets related to game operations and entertainment.  Many teams are also using their accounts in many other ways, including ticket sales and game updates.

Recently I read a great article that rejected the original Twitter query, which was "What are you doing".  Twitter has since updated the question to better reflect what Twitter does, adopting "What's Happening".  Tweeters then have 140 characters to share their story with their followers.

The author explains that "Twitter is a live wire, unraveling the "now" Web and surfacing the thoughts, events, breaking news, reactions and conversations that represent the focus of our attention," which is a great way to think about it.  It's not what random people are doing....it's the vibe of the people you follow in a concise and focused stream. 

In another article Ten Reasons Learfield Sports Should Tweet, the author noted 10 reasons to tweet.  I have pulled four which are most relevant to game operations to consider as well.  Learfield is a leading college sports marketing brand and the author Russell Scibetti manages and implements CRM and technology-based sales and marketing initiatives in pro sports. 

Several general themes of his list are similar to our list below, including these 4 in particular.

1.      Raise awareness for your properties - At a most basic level, Twitter gives you a popular communication channel to promote all the great things that your college teams are doing, both on and off the field.

2.      Create an engagement opportunity to connect with fans and customers across your properties - Beyond promoting the schools and teams, Twitter will let you interact with the fans in those locations, building a deeper connection to the property and also providing you valuable feedback.

3.      Get direct feedback about current marketing promotions that your properties are running - People on Twitter are honest and direct, which will help you learn what is and is not working.

4.      It's fun - I wanted this to be last, but there's importance to it. There is a uniquely fun element to engaging with others through Twitter, and I believe that whoever at Learfield shares this responsibility will get more satisfaction out of their job, which will in turn make them a better employee.

You and your game operations team can be a part of that live wire by using your team account (or creating your own) to share and build your presentation with fans.  Below are 38 examples of how this is being done now.  You'll see several of the same names, as this is still a new tool for teams.  This group reflected the most interesting uses by industry leaders.  I hope you find examples of how you might use your account.

PREMIUM CONTENT: Fan Engagement, Character Building, and Promoting your On-Line Properties are just three of the categories we breakdown in this featured Premium Content on Gameops.com.  We look at 38 tweets from across sports to help you develop new ways to utilize social media.

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