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Zero Talent? No problem.
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Recently saw a couple nuggets if wisdom on my twitter feed that seemed to dovetail nicely into each other.

First this from https://twitter.com/growthmindset1

And this one:

What this says to me is that you can achieve much higher than you talent might indicate with effort, energy and attitude.

When I talk to young aspiring mascots I like to talk a lot about being professional.  Meaning being on time, being prepared and bringing a high level of effort to all your work. Performing skits and doing dunks are great skills, but you aren't going to get a job or last in one if you can't figure out how to be at the appearance on time or respond professionally to an appearance request.  Start by being a pro that a team is going to want to work with day in and day out.  Your time is costume will be dwarfed by your time out of the costume so make sure you spend time showing you can do both with professionalism and effort.



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