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Friend to the Fans
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The Oklahoma City Thunder lost a member of their family this week when Pete Winemiler passed away at age 60 after a battle with lymphoma.  Pete was a powerful example of the value in cultivating customers into fans.  He did a lot of that.

I had the good fortune to meet Pete about 10 years ago at a conference.  He's the kind of guy you don't forget. Passionate, smart, and kind. Lots of fans in Seattle and OKC knew and loved Pete because he took the time to connect with them.  He's that guy every organization should have, and if don't have one...go find one.  He built connections with fans, ones that last.  Not the transactional type of connection to sell you a ticket, rather he built that connection that made you want to be fan.  Of course fans buy tickets and was a nice perk for the team, but at the core Pete was building a fan base not selling tickets.

Pete had a program and a mantra for how to connect too, called CLICK, the letters spelling out how to connect with fans.

  • Communicate courteously.
  • Listen to learn, not to respond.
  • Initiate immediately.
  • Create connections.
  • Know your stuff. 
If you can CLICK with people you are off to a great start, in sports or in life.  I'm thankful for Pete for making that so accessible.  
There is a great tribute to Pete in this article in the Oklahoman. Recommended reading to be sure.

More insight on Pete from the OKC Thunder Website

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