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Swinging Friar Swagger
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Found a nice series of video shorts on mascots recently.  It's not enough to really get to know the characters or the skills, but there are some interesting things going on.  Check out this under 2 min video on the Padres' mascot:

I prefer and enjoy mascots who are characters.  They act in their own way to project their own characteristics, like people do.  As opposed to acting like a mascot, just being crazy and BIG.
The Friar walks, dances and does cartwheels like you would imagine a big lumpy Friar would...and it works.  
Watch the video and see a good quick character study.  I don't think I see anything in that (short) video that seems remotely out of character.  
I also appreciated he ability to pull of a "human" character, which is difficult...but probably a topic for another day.
Zero Talent? No problem.
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