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March Podcast Notes
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Fun podcast in March, highlighted by the Promotions Coordinator from the Akron RubberDucks and David Locke from the Utah Jazz.

Here are the notes and time codes for your listening pleasure.

You can listen to the podcast here, or on iTunes.

  • 1:50 Christina Urycki from the RubberDucks joins the show
  • 2:20 Twitter Q and A they used in Akron to talk to fans about their promotions
  • 3:20 Fan excitement for their bobbleheads in 2017
  • 4:15 What’s new in Akron this season, including 20-year anniversary, celebrities, jersey auctions
  • 5:15 They are going all out fireworks, with themed shows with different musical acts featured.
  • 6:20 Shares the thinking behind doing giveaways on Saturdays
  • 8:00 Dueling Pianos Promotion
  • 9:15 Harry Potter Night Promotion and Fireworks
  • 10:15 Christina talks about her personal favorites, including John Glenn Night
  • 12:20 Using and integrating their mascot and host in promotions.
  • 13:30 Making the Ballpark come alive as a goal for their team
  • 14:10 Celebrity appearances this year in Akron, including Marla Hooch, and The Todd
  • 16:20 Midget Wresting Promotion
  • 17:30 David Locke joins the podcast
  • 19:00 His appearance and comments from the TrueHoop is provided as background
  • 20:00 David explains how he tailors his broadcast to a fictitious fan profile he creates for the game
  • 22:30 How that composite fan shapes his show
  • 23:30 How that can apply to game operations and entertainment
  • 24:20 David gives an example from a Championship game dictated his show, which also syncs with how game directors create a show.
  • 25:30 David wraps and share where you can find more on his social presence and podcast network
  • 26:20 Pat Walker joins the show
  • 26:45 Pat reflects on David Locke’s memory of the Storm championship moment, and how less can be more. “If you’ve got the crowd, keep it”
  • 29:20 Cudo explains how David’s fan profile applies to how he would build his season content
  • 31:00 Pat and Jon talk about not stepping on the crowd’s toes.
  • 32:45 Pat talks about insights he gained by sitting in the TV truck
  • 33:50 Telling a story during the game as part of the game directors role
  • 34:45 Pat and Jon talk about promotions around sports
  • 35:35 Washington Wizards DJ trolling Nick Young with music clips
  • 37:00 Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin Promotion
  • 38:00 Bandwagon Cam in Milwaukee (we talk Cams with Jonny Greco on the Podcast - August 2016
  • 40:40 West Kelowna Warriors Promotion that focused on the game match-up over wacky promotions. Again...stay out of the way.
  • 42:10 Buffalo Sabers Lip Reading video and social content
  • 42:50 Hanson Brothers in Milwaukee
  • 44:10 Pat jumps on a horse and rides
  • 45:00 Bumping promotions and how every time out you are training your crowd
  • 47:45 5 years ago on the pod notes, including Dan Migala - Podcast - March 2012 also see our  Dan Migala on Promotions, Sports and Marketing Interview

Thanks for listening.


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