Professor David Horowitz Connects Sports and History
Jon Terry Looks Back at the History of Baseball Acts
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I've been flagging some of my favorite content from the first 19 years on 

I'm a fan of history and find there's so much to learn from the past, even in game operations and entertainment. So some of my favorite content is interviews that look backwards to help us understand the business moving forwards.  Today's three pieces of content each do that.

Professor David Horowitz Connects Sports and History

As a graduate of Portland State University, I had the pleasure of spending a year in the classroom of Professor David Horowitz studying American History from 1890 to the present. Professor David Horowitz matched his knowledge of the subject with an energetic style that made each class interesting and engaging.

Horowitz received his PhD from the University of Minnesota in 1971and has been teaching at Portland State since 1967 as a Professor of US Cultural and 20th Century History.

Horowitz grew up a New York Giants fan, and frequently flowers his lectures with sports anecdotes, which made me think he may be an interesting interview here on

While this interview may fall outside of the normal scope of the Interview, understanding the connection between a sports team and it's community can be a powerful tool. Using that emotional connection fans have with your team will help you position your team and your game presentation and strengthen the bond.

As Professor Horowitz mentions, many people live through and identify strongly with their teams and favorite players. They connect with the struggles and success of the team. Understanding that connection and tapping into the raw power of its emotions can take the energy and passion of your fans to another level.

Jon Terry Looks Back at the History of Baseball Acts

Jon Terry is the owner of SRO Productions of Tulsa, Inc. and has been booking touring sport entertainment acts since 1992.

He started by managing sport's comedian nerd Myron Noodleman and quickly added other acts that have included Morganna "The Kissing Bandit," Krazy George, Jake "The Diamond Dog," Lou "Simon Says" Goldstein and many others.

Terry took an interest in the background of his industry and found a colorful history. His research is just beginning and he hopes that anyone with stories, names, photos, film or video about any former sport entertainment act to contact him so that more information can be compiled.

Best of the Decade Audio Roundtable

On December 30, 2010 we held an audio roundtable with four industry insiders for a unique discussion.  We looked back at the last 10 years in 5 categories and shared our picks for the Best of the Decade in each category.  The panel included Scott Carter, Pat Walker, Benjamin Hill and Jon Cudo.

Each panelist made their case why their winner was the most impactful and how it shaped the business of game operations and entertainment.

We have posted the audio in 5 segments, each covering one category. 

  1. Best Game Promotion
  2. Best Entertainment Group
  3. Best Contest or On-Field Promotion
  4. Best Mascot
  5. Best Team Operations

The review includes helpful insight, anecdotes, and tips on how to take your game entertainment elements from very good to the Best. We also have several links below related to the discussion and the panelists.

I hope you enjoy those interviews and audio, especially if you find the value in reflecting back to the past to see how our industry was shaped.


Professor David Horowitz Connects Sports and History
Jon Terry Looks Back at the History of Baseball Acts
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