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June Podcast Timecodes and Highlights
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Enjoyed talking with Rob Wicall last month for the Podcast - June 2017 Podcast.  Here are the summary notes for the episode if you want to check it out.


You can listen on the podcast page ( Podcast - June 2017), iTunes or here:

Download this audio file (right-click and 'Save As')


  • 3:00 Rob Wicall Joins and talks about staying True to your brand and react how your character would react.
  • 5:20 Rob notes in Skit Writing you should start with the ending, which also works with your life
  • 6:45 We discuss John Franzone uses this philosophy to shape his games in Tampa - John Franzone - Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 7:45 How the Sound guy (or anyone on your staff) can make or break your reaction as a team
  • 9:30 Social Media Application 
  • 10:20 Cudo shares a note on The Professional (by WC Heinz) and how eventually this reaction becomes a natural reflex
  • 12:15 Wicall and Cudo discuss the Mr. Met situation, and the related importance of taking a break
  • 15:30 How all of this reflection and consideration can help remove the decision
  • 17:30 Rob and Jon look at some recent Water Cooler Moments
  • 18:15 Utah Jazz Bear Skit
  • 20:00 The Coyote Romps, and the value of quickie hit
  • 22:15 Bernie Brewer, his back story and how it helps build the character
  • 25:30 Update on what Rob is working on next
  • 26:50 A thoughtful discussion on lancing. 
  • 29:00 5 years ago on the Pod - Podcast - June 2012
  • 29:10 Best of Nomination for 2017 - Charleston RiverDogs World's Record Attempt
Hope you enjoyed the podcast.

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