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February Podcast Notes and Time Codes
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The February Podcast is up and getting good feedback. Here are the time codes and notes if you are looking for something specific or want a feel for what we discussed with Rob Wicall and David Raymond.

You can listen to the show on iTunes or here: Podcast - February 2017 

  • 2:15 Rob Wicall joins the podcast
  • 3:00 Rob talks about his TED Talk 
  • 5:00 Cudo introduces Water Cooler Moments and how they are similar to Rob’s TED Talk
  • 6:20 Washington Capitals Canadian Heritage Night Review
  • 7:35 Syracuse Crunch Post-Game Skate Clever Twist
  • 9:30 The Coyote runs up Mariah Carey’s NYE gaffe
  • 11:00 Bill Veeck quote helps explain the value of these moments
  • 12:00 Rob shares how to add “Pomp and Circumstance” to skits to make them better and more interesting
  • 13:30 Cudo sadly shares that he tries to have 1 moment a game, while Wicall explains he looked to create 3 per game.
  • 16:45 David Raymond joins the podcast
  • 17:30 David and Jon looks at Minnesota Wild Skit that got some bad pub
  • 20:10 Buster Keaton as inspiration
  • 21:30 Early Phanatic Skits
  • 22:45 An alternate ending for the Wild Skit
  • 23:45 How to make any skits better (Practice/Video/Review)
  • 24:20 Being 10% off and how that can go very wrong quickly
  • 26:00 The devil is in the details
  • 27:30 Jon and Dave talk about how pushing the envelope is part of the entertainment…and why the Easter Bunny isn’t funny
  • 31:00 Quick review of an older Minnesota Timberwolves Harlem Shake Skit

  • 35:00 Cudo shares a blog post subject to get Raymond's feedback on how it can help mascot performers stand out at auditions
  • 42:00 David shares news on some new work projects
  • 44:15 David talks about Random Acts of Kindness and how they pay you back
  • 42:00 David shares news on some new work projects, blog, podcast and the Mascot Hall of Fame
  • 46:20 5 years ago on the pod review
  • 46:45 Best of Nomination (Best Team)
Speaking of Best of Awards, you can make Nominations all year long here:  Nomination for Best of Awards

I hope you enjoy the podcast.  



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