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Podcast - December 2013
Debra Belinsky & Cheryl Benson-Guanci of DCB Productions
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I love to learn, so when I can dig in on a topic its really motivating.  As I grouped some of my favorite content these three popped out at me as content pieces where I learned something interesting.

The first two are from Scott Carter who during a work sabatical penned a few "Carter Files" essays for  I just loved all of Scot's stuff since I always felt like I was learning something interesting or seeing some standard knowledge in a new light.  All of Scott's articles can be found here.  These two jumped out at me as being particularly interesting.

Midseason Motivators

Everyone who has ever worked in sports knows the feeling.  In every league, you reach the halfway point of a season where it seems like you have to dig a little deeper to make great things happen.  Baseball offers the best description of that grind, where the expression “dog days of summer” succinctly explains the daily difficulty in maintaining a high level of performance amidst a marathon-like season.

Read Battling the Dog Days by Scott Carter

Eight PR Tips for Sports Teams

Some would argue that this is the best time of year for sports fans.  You’ve got the NBA and NHL playoffs going and baseball is only a month into the season.  Throw in the NFL lockout and the occasional college football scandal and there is no shortage of sports stories to inundate your news feed.  There are periods during the year though, where sports do not hold the collective attention of the Nation.  In those times, teams fight a constant battle to keep a positive media spotlight on their organization. 

Here are 8 PR tips to keep your news in the news...

Read Keeping Your News in the New by Scott Carter

And in that vein of learning I worked with a couple Pyro Vendors to create a general guide for pyrotechnic production.  This is super helpful in getting you to a point where you can speak the language of pyrotechnics, so you can correctly ask for effects or describe your vision.  We also just updated this page with better YouTube clips, so check it out.

Stage Pyrotechnics

See our Industry Guide to Pyrotechnics


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